YellowScan VX Series


Increase your aerial LiDAR accuracy with YellowScans VX series payloads. The VX series payloads all carry a RIEGEL scanner and applanix APX GNSS systems. 

The VX series offers four different version:

  • YellowScan® Vx15-100 Integrated System
  • YellowScan® Vx15-300 Integrated System
  • YellowScan® Vx20-100 Integrated System
  • YellowScan® Vx20-300 Integrated System

YellowScan LiDAR Payloads

YellowScan builds solutions that ensure high quality data for 3D mapping applications.

Underwater and Ground Topogrophy

The YellowScan Navigator and YellowScan CloudStation

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Introduction to CloudStation Data Processing on the Mapper+

Watch as Chris from Terrestrial Imaging gives an introduction to LiDAR processing with CloudStaton and POSPac

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