YellowScan Mapper+ Integrated LiDAR System

The YellowScan Mapper+ integrates Livox AVIA laser scanner together with high performance GNSS-aided inertial navigation system into a lightweight, standalone and easy-to-use lidar system. Proven capabilities and stable results over a wide range of applications.

Mapper+ Overview

Data Collection Workflow

Post Processing Workflow

CloudStation LiDAR Processing Software Offerings

Three CloudStation software bundles are available:


With CloudStation Essential you can visualize, inspect, colorize from orthophotos, and export your data.

Pro (Recommended)

Visualize, inspect, refine your data quality, enrich your data with classification and color, and unlock more export features.


Zero compromise, all features activated. Includes Orthophoto generation and Command Line (ytk) processing for automation & batching.

YellowScan LiDAR Payloads

YellowScan builds solutions that ensure high quality data for 3D mapping applications.

Underwater and Ground Topogrophy

The YellowScan Navigator and YellowScan CloudStation

A Solution for Every Mission

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Introduction to CloudStation Data Processing on the Mapper+

Watch as Chris from Terrestrial Imaging gives an introduction to LiDAR processing with CloudStaton and POSPac

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