Quantum Systems

Trinity Pro Phase One P5 Camera

The Phase One P5 is the revolutionary flagship 128MP Medium Format camera that transcends its role as a mere camera – it‘s a survey-grade instrument set to redefine the way you capture. With an astounding 128-megapixel resolution, it delivers unprecedented image detail and resolution, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in your survey data. Achieve exceptional results, down to 0.3/0.8 cm RMS XY/Z* absolute accuracy, making your data impeccably trustworthy. When paired with the Trinity Pro, the P5 swiftly covers large areas with survey-grade precision, significantly reducing time and costs compared to conventional methods. The electronic global shutter, combined with metrically calibrated lense and sensor, reduces the necessity for extensive software corrections caused by pixel distortion, ensuring the preservation of high-quality data. Take your surveying to the next level with the P5!