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Trinity Pro Qube 640 LiDAR Scanner


LiDAR Scanner


The Qube 640, a specialized LiDAR sensor co-developed with YellowScan for Trinity Pro and Tactical drones, features a selectable FOV (field of view) of up to 176°. Combined with Trinity’s capabilities, it enables 32 km corridor scanning with one single flight. At 120° FOV, it improves productivity by 50% compared to its predecessor, the Qube 240. The sensor ensures improved vegetation penetration, detailing foliage and trunks, and facilitates vertical scanning applications with reduced outer edge mismatches, thanks to the new IMU. An integrated 8MP RGB camera enables LiDAR capture and colorization in the same flight.


  • Scanner: Hesai XT32M2X
  • GNSS Inertial Solution: SBG Quanta Micro
  • Integrated camera: 8 MP (for colorization purposes)
  • Laser Range: 300 m
  • Precision: 3 cm
  • Accuracy: 2.5 cm
  • Scanner FOV: 176° x 40.3°
  • Shots per second: 640 000 points/sec
  • Echoes per shot: Up to 3
  • Center Point Density @100m: 34 -100 points/sqm
  • Max. Data Points generated: 1 920 000 points/sec