DJI FlightHub 2 Storage Space Upgrade Package


The DJI FlightHub2 Storage Space Upgrade package offers the following:

  • Increase your storage capacity by 500GB per year


DJI FlightHub 2 is an all-in-one cloud-based drone operations management platform that helps you to achieve comprehensive, real-time situational awareness. Access all of the information you need to plan drone missions, supervise your fleet, and manage the data you create, now from a secure cloud-based environment.

  • FlightHub 2 provides the global 2.5D Base Map; supports viewing mission livestreams and panorama photos in real time on the cloud; and can generate RGB or infrared orthomosaic maps, granting you detailed awareness of your mission environment when needed.
  • FlightHub 2 supports multi-device data annotation and real-time synchronization, allowing you to highlight objects, plan flight routes, and more. You can also synchronize team positions, mission details, and map information in real time, making team collaboration easier than ever.
  • Create a variety of flight missions directly from your computer using the 2.5D Base Map. Preview expected results for each mission point, ensuring flight route safety and data quality. Synchronize missions with pilots for efficient and convenient execution.
  • Review operation results on the cloud. Open any captured photo, video, or panorama, and it will be displayed on the 2.5D Base Map along with corresponding coordinate information.
  • When used with DJI Dock, FlightHub 2 supports remote drone operations, including flight scheduling, automatic task execution, and media uploading and storage; it can also achieve centralized equipment operation and maintenance, including abnormal alerts and remote maintenance.

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DJI FlightHub 2 Storage Space Upgrade Package


Compatible Products

DJI Matrice 30 Series

Matrice 300 Series

Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

Matrice 3D Series

DJI Dock Series