YellowScan Navigator Bathymetric LiDAR Scanner


The YellowScan bathymetric LiDAR is an innovative solution for exploring underwater and ground topography with a single-button operation. Its lightweight design allows for versatile platform selection without compromising water penetration.

This solution features a laser scanner developed in-house by YellowScan's R&D team over the last few years with tests that kicked off in 2023, refining the system for optimal performance. This evolution highlights our commitment to innovation and quality, particularly in the development of advanced laser scanners.


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Underwater and Ground Topogrophy

The YellowScan Navigator and YellowScan CloudStation

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Introduction to CloudStation Data Processing on the Mapper+

Watch as Chris from Terrestrial Imaging gives an introduction to LiDAR processing with CloudStaton and POSPac

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