Firehouse Technology

Firehouse Technology DJI Avata Tactical Light Kit

Used as the FIRST CHOICE by public safety agencies worldwide. Just a note on why this kit is the go to for agencies, first off tested extensively by multiple SWAT teams and the Law Enforcement Drone Association (LEDA) and used by NIST for there training.. Keeps the needed low profile and width to ensure you can fit through small spaces with no drag and mounts are NOT subjected to direct strikes unlike a few that have come into market. This design also eliminates snags which other mounts cant avoid. The run times are 50-60 minutes with a rapid charge battery and the ability cheaply to swap out. All kits come with warranty and mounts are replaced are sent at NO cost if they fail. We use flood lights that provide full room lighting versus spotlights that limit your full view. They can be used so gain tac advantage in the strobe mode, we also make a IR model light that fits on the mounts. Allows turtle mode to work in all orientations unlike again other kits.