The ANZU Raptor and Raptor T use an intelligent LiPo battery with a capacity of 5000mAh which allows for up to 46 minute flight times.

Key Specs

Camera Specs

4/3-inch 20MP wide angle camera (Raptor). 1/2-inch 48MP (Raptor T)

Thermal Specs

640 x 512 high-resolution LWIR Thermal Imaging (Raptor T)

Flight Time

45 minute flight time and up to 9 mile range


The Raptor and Raptor T are RTK capable when using the RTK module

Frequently Asked Questions

Anzu Robotics Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Anzu Robotics products manufactured?

The country of origin for the Raptor-series drones is Malaysia.

Are the Raptor-series drones remote ID compliant?

Yes, both the Raptor and Raptor T have remote ID and are fully compliant.

Are Raptor-series drones on the Blue UAS list?

No, and there is no intention to be. The Blue UAS list was created for defense purposes and although used by some to establish a list of approved drones, the Raptor-series drones do not have this distinction.

Are the Raptor-series drone NDAA compliant?

No. The NDAA regulations focus on the country of origin on a variety of components, and we do have Chinese-sourced components present, like the thermal sensor on the Raptor T, integrated in our products. Our mission was to offer an alternative to drone users who are precluded from using drones made by Chinese manufacturers, but we are very conscientious of price. If NDAA compliance is required by your organization, unless waivers are available based on our ownership, software, and data security practices, we may not be the right product for you.

What is the ongoing involvement of the technology licensing organization?

Licensing technology is a normal business practice. Our agreement in licensing the technology associated with the Raptor-series drones gave Anzu Robotics the rights to modify and manufacture this technology at will. There are no royalties shared with the licensing organization, no joint or shared ownership of Anzu Robotics, and no reporting on customer data. There may be additional products developed through similar agreements, but our work at Anzu Robotics is independent of any other party aside from the transfer of this technology.

Do you plan on introducing different models beyond the current Raptor-series drones?

We have created a blueprint for offering world-class technology while maintaining affordability. Our roadmap is full of possibilities, and once our theories are proven, we will look to expand our product line.

What is included when I purchase a Raptor-series drone?

Every kit includes the drone, controller, one battery, two sets of propellers, charging cables, all in a hard case with custom foam inserts. The case has cavities to hold additional batteries, the RTK module, the loud speaker, a charging hub, and more.

Does the controller have HDMI out?

Yes. You are able to connect your RC to a larger monitor via the HDMI port to allow for viewing from a larger audience.

What is the upward range of the gimbal?

The controllable range of the tilt on the gimbal is from -90° to 35°.

What is the weight of the Raptor-series drones?

The Raptor-series drones are roughly 2lbs. (915g).

What is the wind resistance of the Raptor-series drones?

The Raptor and Raptor T are rated with wind resistance at 26mph.

Is the thermal camera on the Raptor T radiometric?

Yes. You are able to measure the temperature of every pixel of the thermal image when capturing in radiometric file types.

Is the Raptor T export controlled?

We are currently only selling the Raptor T into the United States and Canada. There is not an export distinction on these products but are not intended for use outside of these countries.

What is the IP rating of the Raptor-series drones?

The Raptor-series drones are not IP rated.

What accessories are available for the Raptor-series drones?

At the time of launch we have an RTK module, loudspeaker, and a charging hub that are available to broaden your uses and efficiencies of your drones. We will explore additional accessory development in the future.

Do the Raptor-series drones geotag RTK data with the RTK module onboard?

Yes. All images taken from our drones are geotagged, and when you incorporate the RTK module, you will also have that data in the EXIF data.

Do the Raptor-series drones have a parachute available?

No. This may be part of future accessory expansion, most likely through third-party development.

Are the Raptor-series drones compatible with any docking stations (drone-in-a-box)?

At time of launch no efforts have been made for drone-in-the-box integration.