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UgCS Flight Planning
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One time purchase. Includes first year's Annual Support & Update pack

  • Waypoints, Linear, Circle, Perimeter, Area Scan tools
  • Automatic Photogrammetry
  • Automatic Vertical (Facade) scan
  • Automatic Corridor Mapping
  • Automatic SAR tools
  • Immersive 3D mission planning environment
  • KML/CSV data import
  • DEM import
  • Elevation profile & Terrain following mode
  • Geo-referenced image import
  • Custom map overlays
  • ADS-B Receiver
  • Video Transmitting
  • Includes first year's Annual Support & Update pack
  • UgCS is compatible with UgCS


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UgCS mission planning software offers an immersive 3D mission planning environment that satisfies the needs of all pilots. Whether you need to fly a calibrated LiDAR mission, or a verticle (facade) scan with a photogrammetry sensor, UgCS has the features to get the job done. UgCS comes in three different tiers, each providing more features than the tier before it; Pro, Expert, Enterprise.


Built-In Elevation Data

UgCS utalizes built-in elevation data so you can confidently fly terrain following missions. You can also imorpt your own DSM files in order to make sure your elevation data is as accurate as possible.

Proffesional LiDAR Toolset

UgCS Expert and Enterprise versions now offer built in options for LiDAR missions. You can create LiDAR area missions and customize the turn angles to make sure the IMU is constantly recieving dynamic data. You can also drop figure-eight and u-turn patterns to calibraite the IMU whenever needed.

Custom Mission Paramaters

Utalize custom mission paramters to set specific elevations and behaviors during the mapping mission. For instance, you can create mapping missing with variable height across different waypoints to potentially avoid known obstacles, or no flight zones.

Vertical (Facade) Scans

Utalize 3D models or known elevations to create vertical scanning with ease. With automated vertical scanning, the drone can fly a specified distance away from a structure to ensure consistency across deliverables.


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