Synced across all your devices

  • Automatically capture your drone flights and pilot data
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Discover early signs of problems to prevent surprises
  • Effortlessly track maintenance
  • Live stream anywhere

Airdata UAV(TI101149)

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Airdata UAV is available for Android and iOS and can be synced across your devices. Airdata UAV automatically uploads flight logs offering you immediate visibility into the performance of the aircraft. Airdata offers pilots insights into the performance and lifecycle of their drones, helping pilots ensure that their aircrafts stay airworthy for each flight.

Automatic Data Collection

AirData integrates with over 15 flight apps and automatically captures your drone flight records and pilot data.

Live Streaming

AirData’s live streaming solution offers low latency even over mobile/cellular hotspots and does not require special hardware.

Maintenance Tracking

See trends, usage statistics, flight history, and maintenance records for all equipment. Receive alert emails when important equipment and pilot thresholds are triggered.

Airdata UAV

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