FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Pilots

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Terrestrial Imaging, LLC provides turn-key drone sales and support as well as professional aerial photography, aerial imaging, aerial mapping, and aerial inspection services. When choosing your UAS partner, it is important to choose a company with the right experience, know how, and FAA approvals. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), who is responsible for making certain that all flight operations in civil airspace meet minimum levels of safety, also requires that anyone who operates an unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes be certified by the FAA. Terrestrial Imaging is FAA certified, licensed and insured. As a Terrestrial Imaging customer, you can rest assured that when you hire Terrestrial Imaging, you are hiring licensed and insured pilots who are certified and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Drone Sales, Services and Support


Terrestrial Imaging is a proud authorized dealer for Yuneec Electric aviation, DJI, Autel and Parrot to name a few. We are also an authorized repair center for Yuneec Electric Aviation. If your in the market for a new drone, or need help getting your drone serviced or repaired, give us a call at 800.FLY.0530.

Autel Robotics Distributor

We are proud to have added the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone to our line up of top quality ready to fly unmanned aerial vehicles.

Services and Repairs

If you had an accident with your drone, give us a call at 800.FLY.0530. We're always on standby ready to help.

Yuneec, DJI, Parrot and More

Terrestrial Imaging is an authorized dealer for the largest manufacturer's of multi-copters and fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles. Please let us know how we can help you with your purchase.