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FastTrack To FlightTM For Government Agencies

You've been doing some research for your government agency and realize that integrating drones into the workplace requires careful planning. You know that you can probably get there on your own but feel that it would be a better use of time, money and resources to hire a drone expert to help you. Congratulations! You've made a very smart decision.

Terrestrial Imaging's FastTrack To FlightTM program is designed to help customers like you. Partnering with Terrestrial Imaging's team of unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) specialists will speed up the process, eliminate the guesswork, and put you on the FastTrack to building a sustainable, FAA compliant drone program.

Here's How It Works
  1. Consultation
    • Meet with a Terrestrial Imaging sUAS expert to review your goals and objectives. You will learn about the differences between operating your drone program under an FAA certificate of authorization (COA) and flying under the Part 107 rules for sUAS. We’ll discuss the importance of implementing a standard operating procedure manual (SOP), and introduce you to the different types of drones, cameras, sensors and accessories that are available in the marketplace.
  2. Budget Review
    • Setting a realistic budget is essential to getting your drone program off the ground. Building a budget without the help from sUAS experts is difficult to say the least. Terrestrial Imaging’s experts will build a budget with you that will include items such as: sUAS equipment, equipment setup, equipment registration, unscheduled and scheduled equipment maintenance, equipment training, flight training, and FAA filings.
  3. Written Estimate
    • The FastTrack To FlightTM program concludes with a written estimate. The estimate will include details such as part numbers and prices that you can refer to when you’re ready to make your purchase.
  4. **The FastTrack To FlightTM fee is 100% refundable as a credit against future purchases in connection with the related FastTrack budget. Some limitations apply.

To get started, simply complete and submit the form below and be sure to provide your best telephone contact number and your government verifiable agency email address. No payment is required at this time. A Terrestrial Imaging drone expert will be in contact with you shortly after you submit your FastTrack To FlightTM request.

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