Mavic 3 Front View
Mavic 3 Side View
Mavic 3 Top View
Mavic 3 Folded
Mavic 3 Folded Tilted

46 Minute Flight Time

  • 4/3 CMOS 20 MP Hasselblad camera
  • Advanced vision sensing
  • 46 minutes flight time
  • 15 km range
  • Advanced return to home

DJI Mavic 3(TI101145)

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Capture stunning imagery with a legendary Hasselblad camera and enjoy smooth flight with omnidirectional obstacle sensing. Every improvement on Mavic 3 sets a higher standard for aerial photography. Fly with Mavic 3 and discover imaging above everything.


4/3 CMOS 20MP Hasselblad Camera

4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera

The iconic Swedish brand Hasselblad designed and built the L2D-20c aerial camera just for DJI Mavic 3, embedding a professional-grade 4/3 CMOS in an unbelievably compact space. Rigorous Hasselblad standards are applied to both hardware performance and software algorithms, bringing imaging quality to an entirely new level.

Two Cameras In One

Apart from the main 4/3 CMOS 20MP camera, the mavic also comes with a second 28x hybrid zoom telephoto zoom lens, providing an equivalent 162mm zoomed view.

Mavic 3 camera close up
Mavic 3 Apple ProRes

Apple ProRes

The Mavic 3 Cine can record videos with Apple ProRes 422 HQ encoding for a maximum data rate of 3,772 Mbps. This is achievable at 4K/120fps.

Enhanced Safety

Mavic 3 helps you to enjoy collision-free flight so you can focus on getting the best shots possible. Multiple wide-angle vision sensors work seamlessly with a high-performance vision computing engine to sense obstacles in all directions precisely and plan a safe flight route that avoids them.

Mavic 3 Avoidance

DJI Mavic 3

Imaging Above Everything

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