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A Powerful search and negotiation tool

  • 30+ Minute Flight Time And 10 Hour Perch Time
  • Night Vision That Works in All Lighting Conditions
  • Cellular Based Two-Way Audio System For Negotiating
  • Modular Accessory Port For Glass Breaker, Flood Light, And More
  • Self-Righting Capabilities When Drone Flips Upside Down
  • Made in The USA

Brinc Lemur(Brinc Lemur)



The Brinc Lemur sets a new benchmark for tactical drones and tactical robots alike. Previously, indoor flights were impossible or impractical due to the many limitations of the current consumer and commercial drones. Ground robots have a different problem; they can easily get tangled or caught up in a messy environment and can't navigate as quickly or easily as a drone. Brinc has solved all of these issues with the Lemur, creating the first and only indoor tactical robot ready for all SWAT missions.


A close up of the Brinc Lemur day/night camera system

Day/Night-Vision System

The Brinc Lemur can see perfectly in every lighting condition, including truly zero light due to its incredible dual IR/RGB camera.

Two-Way Communication System

The Brinc Lemur acts as a flying cell phone with its two-way communication system. A set of two ultra-sensitive microphones enables the drone to hear voices, footsteps, and closing doors up to 100 feet away. A small, lightweight speaker projects your voice up to 500 feet.

Glass Breaker

The glass breaker attachment for the Lemur spins at 30,000 RPM allowing it to effectively break through tempered, automotive, and most residential glass.

Turtle Mode

With the Lemur, a crash doesn’t end the mission. If the Lemur ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and continue to fly.

The Brinc Lemur flying outdoors

31 Minute Flight Time

Fly the Lemur for up to 31 minutes, or set it down and let it perch for up to 10 hours to keep an eye on the situation.

The Brinc Lemur Tactical SWAT Drone

Drone intelligence at its finest

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