Compatible only with DJI Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T

  • Two-in-one Speaker and Spotlight
  • 200m Effective Sound Distance
  • 100m Effective Illumination Distance
  • 270g Total Weight
  • Powered Through The OSDK Port

LP12 Speaker And Spotlight Combo(TI11009)

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The LP12 Speaker and Spotlight combo is compatible with the Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T. The LP12 connects to the top of the drone via a mounting plate and is powered by the OSDK port. The mounting plate can stay permanently on the drone and the LP12 can be easily put on or removed when needed. Utalise the gimbalised spotlight to control exactly where you would like the light to shine. You can also lock the spotlights gimbal to movements of the cameras gimbal, so the spotlight is always shining in the same direction the camera is looking. The LP12 can be stored in the Matrice 30 series case for convenience.


Real Time Audio

The Speaker on the LP12 can be used to playback realtime audio. You can speak into the DJI RC Plus controller and your voice will be played back in real time from the speaker. You can also play pre-recorded audio.

Gimbalized Spotlight

The Spotlight on the LP12 is gimbalized and can be pitched up and down using your controller. You can also set the LP12 to lock onto your cameras gimbal movements, so it is always shining the spotlight where the camera is focusing.

How To Use The LP12

Watch as Chris from Terrestrial Imaging explains how to use the LP12 for the DJI Matrice 30 series drones.

Terrestrial Imaging Review

An Easy To Use Attachmeent That Will Benefit Public Safety Work

The LP12 is easy to use and quick to install or remove. Simply slide it into the mount rail, plug the cable into the PSDK port ontop of the M30 series drone, and your good to go. Once powered on, the device can easily be controlled from your DJI RC Plus controller. The spotlight's gimbal movements can be synced to the camera's gimbal movements, that way the camera's field of view is always well lit. The speaker supports live broadcasting, which means the opperator can speak into the controller's microphone and their voice will be live broadcasted in real time out of the lp12's megaphone. This product is fantastic for search and rescue operations, as well as surveillance operations. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a speaker or a spotlight for their drone

Reviewd By: Chris LoPresti

The LP12 Speaker And Spotlight Combo

Perfect For Surveillance And Search-And-Resuce

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