See what others can't in the dark

  • Dual Optic Camera With IR, Night Mode, And RGB
  • Full Integration With DJI Matrice 300 RTK And Matrice 200 Series
  • 300m Range
  • Controlled Through DJI Pilot App
  • Light Wave Length: 850 +/- 10nm (940nm, 980nm)

DJI Z10 IR(TI100953)

Starting at: $7,995



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The Z10 IR night vision camera is fully integrated for use with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 200 series drones. Like the zenmuse series payloads, the Z10 is plug and play, and controlled through the DJI Pilot app on your Crystalsky, tablet, or smart controller. When IR mode is enabled, the Z10 can see what other cameras can't in complete darkness.

True Night Vision

The Z10 is a true night vision camera that uses an IR laser to see in complete darkness. Unlike thermal imaging, the Z10 displays a high resolution black and white image rather than a colorized display to depict differences in temperature.

10x Optical Zoom

The combination of night vision and 10x optical zoom makes the Z10 an incredible tool for night time search and rescue, surveillance, and security. The camera is also capable of an additional 6x zoom for a total magnification of 60x.

Compatible With DJI Matrice Series

The Z10 is designed for use with the DJI Matrice 200 series and Matrice 300 RTK. Together it is truly an unbeatable combination.

A Plug And Play IR Camera For Your DJI Drone

Experience The Power Of IR

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