240,000 Shots Per Second

  • Survey Grade LiDAR
  • 60 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Integrated Applanix APX-15
  • 1-Year of YellowScan CloudStation Included
  • 50-100 points per square meter

Quantum Qube 240(TI100983)

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The Qube 240 payload is a geomatics grade LiDAR Scanner for the Trinity F90+ UAS and it endures up to 60 min of flight time with this combination. It is offered as a complete solution, all encompassed with YellowScan CloudStation Software pack, and license. Light Ranging and Detection (LiDAR) sensors, partly traded as the key technology of the future for autonomous driving are also the first choice for highly productive survey tasks. Until recently, LiDAR payloads were hardly affordable for SMEs due to their high cost. This is exactly where Quantum-Systems and YellowScan come in and offer a geomatics grade LiDAR scanner integrated into the payload compartment of the Trinity F90+ drone including software package without having to compromise on data quality.

Survey Grade LiDAR

The Qube 240 is a 70° field of view LiDAR scanner capable of collecting 240,000 distance measurements per second. Generate point clouds with a point density of 50-100 points/m² at a flight altitude of 100m.

60 Minutes of Flight Time

The Qube 240 payload paired with the Trinity F90+ fixed wing VTOL drone allows you to fly continuously for up to 60 minutes. Cover more ground in a single flight compared to a traditional multirotor.

Integrated Applanix APX-15

The APX-15 is an integrated GNSS receiver and inertial sensor that eliminates the need to survey extensive ground control points (GCP’s) and reduces the amount of sidelap needed, thus increasing the area flown per mission.

1-Year of YellowScan CloudStation Included

CloudStation is a complete software solution for creating and manipulating point cloud data. The Qube 240 payload includes 1 year of CloudStation software free of charge.

240,000 Shots/s at 50-100 points/m²

The Qube 240 convinces professionals with 240,000 shots per second, for which up to three reflections are measured. The result impresses on one hand with an extremely high point density with 50-100 points per square meter, and on the other hand with very good penetration of the vegetation. This way, the creation of digital terrain models under forest is also possible without any problems.

Qube 240 Specs


Wave length

905 nm

Maximum altitude

140m AGL




< 3cm

Scanner field of view


Shots Per Second


Point Density

@100m: 50-100 points/m²

Multi-echo Technology

Up to 3 echoes per shot

A Small And Powerful LiDAR Sensor For The Trinity F90+ UAS

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